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Summer prices off! Send cheap flowers for free in Ukraine!

We’ve reduced prices! All the flowers are 20% cheaper.
Order flowers to Ukraine and we deiver it for free.

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5-50% off! Happy Easter 2012!

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Скидка от 5 до 50% к празднику Пасхи 2012!

Каждый день мы предоставляем нашим покупателям один товар* со скидкой от 5 до 50%! Найди сюрприз в корзине наших товаров!
*Система выбирает товар и размер скидки автоматически.

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10% off for Valentine’s Day 2012

1266921386 – discount coupon is available until 14th of February – the day of all loving people in the world.

FTD: 10% Discount for flower delivery in Ukraine on 14th of February

The trendiest way to wish your beloved is through these popular valentine flowers. Giving flowers for Valentine’s Day became popular during the 17th century and has been continuing till this day. Valentine’s Day flowers are the perfect way to express your love and feelings to your beloved. The most traditional and popular flower is the long stemmed red Rose. This flower is the epitome of love and is also considered to be the favorite flower of Venus, Roman Goddess of Love. A single red Rose is supposed to signify “true love” and is often surrounded with baby’s breath poesies. It is the most preferred choice of lovers around the world.

Apart from roses, other popular romantic flowers are daisies, tulips, carnations and lilacs. These flowers are also gaining popularity now-a-days among the younger generations. These flowers are not only romantic, but also look exotic. These flowers are not gifted on a regular basis, and that is precisely what makes them even more distinct, in a unique way. Given below is a list that will help you identify the popular flowers, their appropriate meanings and the symbolism associated with them.

Popular Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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